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Hey I'm Meg, and horror & gore make me happy.

I have an undying love for Ted Bundy and I celebrate Halloween 365 days a year. ♡

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Q. Was the cannibalism a sexual gratification too?

A. It was. It started out as an experimentation. Made me feel like they were more a part of me.

Q. (That’s interesting.)

A. So it did give me some satisfaction and there was some gratification.

Q. (How would you prepare it?)

A. Uh…on the stove, on the skillet, uh, just like you prepare a regular piece of meat, they’d be, uh, cut into, you know, sizes that were small enough to eat.

Q. (Any other organs?)

A. Hearts, liver, thigh meat, biceps, biceps…

Q. (How did it taste?)

A. Uh…there’s no way of saying it without sounding, uh…gruesome…

Q. (I don’t find it offensive.)

A. Well, it…I, I don’t know how to describe it. You’ve had filet mignon, haven’t you?

Q. Uh huh, that’s one of my favorites.

A. Yeah. Very tender…

Source: Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts, Federal Bureau of Investigation

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